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Trick or Treat Safety Tips!

Halloween is coming! Trick or Treating is just around the corner. Trick or Treating is fun and a great time for all ages but we also need to remember to be safe! Here are some tips for Halloween night to keep you and your kiddos safe!

  1. The Perfect Fit! Make sure that the costume fits your kids! Having the right sized costume is really important. It will make easy for the kids to move and they won’t be tripping over the costume.
  2. Makeup is the way! If you can instead of using a mask in the kids’ costume use makeup to re-create the mask. Mask can obstruct your child’s view. Before Halloween night you should try out the makeup to make sure your child is not allergic to the makeup.
  3. Make it bright! Try picking/convincing your kids to pick costume that aren’t dark colors. Having dark colors makes it harder to see the kids. If you can have lighter colors it will help people be able to see your kids. If you can try even giving your kids glow sticks to wear while they are trick or treating.
  4. Groups, groups are good! Go in groups. If you can find other families you can go with. If your kids are older and want to go with friends make sure they stay in groups.
  5. Choose wisely and follow the rules! Choose houses that look good. A lot of them will be decorated creepy but you can tell the difference between a creepy house and a fake creepy house. You don’t have to hit every single house. If a house doesn’t seem right then don’t go to it. Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean that the rules of the road don’t apply! Following the rules of the road! It will help keep you and your kiddos safe.
  6. Check it before you eat it! When you get home be sure to check all the candy! Look to make sure that the candy hasn’t been messed with and hasn’t been opened. If there is any homemade treats throw them out! If you know the person who gave the homemade treats and you trust them then its okay but if you don’t know the person or where they came from then THROW IT OUT! It’s unsafe to eat messed with/opened candy or homemade treats. Also if your kids have an allergy to any kind of candy make sure to take those out before you let them go at it.
  7. Drive Carefully! If you are going to be driving around on Halloween night be wary of those little kids. Take it slow and keep your eyes open. Little kids tend to run in the streets and appear out of no where. Be sure to keep you eyes open and pay attention to the things going on around you. Be on alert! Be careful!

Hopefully these tips will help you keep you and your kids safe! Be safe and happy trick or treating!

Posted by: Jill on October 26, 2018
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