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Tips to keeping your carpet clean!

Have carpet in your rental? Here are some simple tips to helping you keep it clean!

  1. Make a ‘no shoe’ rule! Although you may feel a little awkward or weird asking people to remove their shoes, it’s actually becoming more of a common practice. Shoes track in dirt, germs, toxins, and harmful bacteria. You don’t know where people have been but their shoes have and it tracks all that into your home. Having a ‘no shoe’ home protects your family from those dirt and germs and it reduces the wear and tear of the carpet.
  2. Treat spills immediately! Spill something on the carpet? Stop everything and clean it up! Leaving a spill will make it harder to clean up. Treating it right away will help get it out better, faster, and easier because it doesn’t give it time to set in.
  3. Vacuum often and well! Even when you follow the tricks above your carpets are still going to get dirtier faster. Pollen and dust come indoors clinging to us or our pets, through open windows, and every time our doors open or close. That’s why carpets need to be vacuumed wall-to-wall at least twice a week with a third pass over high-traffic areas. It’s important to use the crevice attachment around the base of walls and furniture, too, since dust and pet hair often collect there.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your carpets clean! Keeping your carpets cleans makes the home feel and look nicer. Keeps you and your family safe from different germs and bacteria!

Posted by: Jill on November 2, 2018
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