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Summer Treats

Fresh fruit is an abundant and affordable way to get kids to eat healthy on hot, summer days when they are playing. Sometimes kids don’t want to eat healthy but there are ways to get kids to eat fruit by making it attractive. Let kids help make a fruit bowl.


A bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table or counter is a great way to have snacks handy.

Watermelon popsicles are tasty and cool.

Cherry lemonade or limeade made with fresh fruit is a snack kids love.

Not only are fresh fruit kabobs yummy, kids can make their own. Invite friends over and you’ll be surprised how much the kids enjoy.

Fruit smoothies are easy to make and all you need is a blender. Add a little apple juice, banana, pineapple and mango and you’ve got a tasty snack or lunch that kids will eat and love.

Show kids how to put half a banana on a stick, dip it in chocolate and freeze and you’ve got a treat that you don’t have to wonder if it’s good or not and kids like dipping!

Teach the kids how to make homemade root beer and make floats using frozen vanilla yogurt.

The list of possibilities for summer food fun are endless and ideas are easy to find on line.


No matter how you do it, make sure kids get lots of fresh fruit this summer. It’s cool and affordable.


Posted by: Bryan Wilson on June 14, 2016
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