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Roommates Can be Headaches

IMG_7729Want to have a great roommate experience? Follow these few tips:

  1. Have a written roommate agreement where you spell out when and how each individual will pay their share of the rent. Lay out how each roommate will be held accountable to live up to the agreement.
  2. Specify in this agreement how and when utilities will be paid.
  3. Spell out how food will be handled, allowing each individual to be responsible for labeling food they buy that they want to keep for themselves.
  4. Decide which roommate will be the main contact with the property management company, ensuring that they accept responsibility to communicate information to all the roommates.
  5.  Decide how late at night individuals can play music, have friends over, play video games, etc.
  6.  Where will each person park their car? Decide that up front and spell it out in the agreement.
  7.  Anything that is important to you, get it into the agreement.

Follow these steps and you will find that you have a successful roommate situation.

Moving day

Moving day

Posted by: Bryan Wilson on August 2, 2016
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