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Pet Friendly?


Yes, it can be difficult to find pet friendly rentals. Why is that? Because an owner needs to have just one bad experience with the damage done by a tenant’s pet and they won’t do that again. They see it as a mistake that they don’t want to repeat. Even though pet owners are willing to pay a pet deposit, a property owner who has had a bad experience isn’t willing to take the chance.

Try to put yourself in the property owner’s place. Many times, they have a mortgage they are paying on the property. They have to keep the property in excellent condition to make it worth the investment. Replacing carpet that has been urinated on, baseboards that are chewed up, window screens that are a mess, all of these repairs are expensive and the pet deposit may not cover all the costs.

When you find that rare pet friendly property that meets your needs, be sure to take care of it as if it was your own, ensuring a happy owner.




Posted by: Bryan Wilson on September 6, 2016
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