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Paying Late?


Too often we have people paying their rent late and getting upset when they see the late fees. When signing the lease, read it to be sure you understand the terms and conditions, including the consequences for paying the rent late. When you are late, it has a domino effect on the property owner. Try to remember that the owner of the property may have a mortgage to pay and they have to pay it promptly. The owner may be elderly and the rent is their living expense money. There are any number of reasons for the owner needing you to fulfill your responsibility according to the contract you signed. In addition, keep in mind that when you move, you may need a reference from us. Potential new landlords always ask if you have paid promptly. We have to tell them the truth.

Paying promptly also prepares you for home ownership. Getting a mortgage is much easier if you have a record of paying rent when you have committed to pay.

We know that sometimes there are emergencies. Prepare for those by learning to save. But if you cannot make your obligation, call us. Let us know the situation. Show your willingness to be responsible by calling to let us know when you will pay. It makes working with you much easier when you take the initiative and we don’t have to nag you about paying. It will make us and you happy.


Posted by: Bryan Wilson on September 13, 2016
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