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Organizing your kitchen pantry!

Feel like your kitchen pantry is a little cluttered? Well here are a couple of ideas that may help you declutter your kitchen pantry.

One idea that could help your pantry look a little nicer is to buy jars to put ingredients in. Instead of having the different assortments of cereal boxes, flour bags, sugar bags, and candy bags, you could have cute labeled jars of different foods. Having the same type of jar with different items in them will look better than having different colored and sized boxes whose colors don’t really match. Getting jars that match each other whether they are a certain color or clear will help give a more organized and sophisticated look to your pantry.

One thing to add to the first idea is using baskets. Some products can’t really be taken out of their original packaging and put into jars. If this happens find some baskets that look similar to the jars or just match the jars. They don’t have to be the same brand as long as they match each other. Having all the products put into jars or baskets will help give the pantry one unique or a few unique colors and that makes the pantry look 10 times better than having a bunch of random unorganized colors.

Remember to label everything! If you don’t label everything it will be hard to find the ingredients you need. Especially with the jars of food. You don’t want to accidentally use salt when you need sugar!

Hopefully these ideas will help you organize your kitchen pantry a little more. Have a fun time organizing!

Posted by: Jill on September 10, 2018
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