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Organizing your closet!

Looking to revamp your closet? Or it’s a mess and you need to make it better and easier to use? Today we have tips that will help your organize your closet.

First things first, do you have clothes that you have not worn in a year? Well get rid of them. The best first step to organizing your closet is to pare down your clothes, making sure that you are only keeping clothes that you do wear and use. Paring down your clothes and getting rid of those clothes will give you more space in your closet and help make it look just a little less messy.

If you cannot figure out what clothes you do and don’t not use, turn the hangers. Turn the hangers so they are backwards and then once you have used the item of clothing put it back the normal way. After a while you’ll see what clothes you do wear and clothes that you do not. This will help you decided quicker which clothes are important to your style and which you do not use that much or at all.

The next thing you could do is put shelves. Buy a bookshelf whether it is big or small and add it into the closet. This will give space for clothes that do not need to be hung up or even just some shoes or extra things that you keep in the closet. Having these shelves will keep stuff from cluttering the floor of the closet and make it more spacious or at least look more spacious.

The last tip for today is to stagger your shoes. If you put the shoes the same direction as its pair it takes up space. If you stagger the shoes it will help make more room. It keeps the shoes closer together which makes it so you can fit more shoes or more of something else. It gives more space to closets that do not have much and closet that do.

Hopefully these tips will help get your closet organized and looking pretty! Good luck and happy organizing!

Posted by: Jill on September 14, 2018
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