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Making Your House A Home

Although this is now your home, it is still not your property. What is very important is that you do not alter your residence permanently or physically without permission. Find other ways you can make changes without altering the property.

Use Area Rugs
Consider buying an area rug that will produce the look that you like and lessen the existing color scheme. Just make sure that the underside of the carpet will not damage the existing flooring – you may need to use an appropriate carpet pad. Also, ensure that the area rug will not cause someone a possible injury by sliding, slipping, or rolling.

Use Mirrors
Perhaps the room looks small; strategically hanging mirrors can make a room seem larger. Use them to reflect an interesting object or plant. If you have a heavy mirror (or any object), check with your property manager on what is the proper method to hang it without causing damage.

Use Plants
Plants are not only a great way to add color and decoration, but can improve your health because they improve air quality. Make sure they have the right light, are watered regularly, and sit in waterproof containers that do not leak onto flooring or furniture.

Your residence does not have to look like a “rental.” With some time, thought, and a few dollars, you can give a house “your personal look” and make it your home.

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Posted by: Jill on October 23, 2017
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