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Making a house a home!

Is your rental not feeling homey enough for you? Well here are some tips to help you make your house a home!

The first idea that will help make your house a home would be to put up pictures of your family and friends. Have a picture of your favorite vacation with your family? Then get a frame, print off the picture and put it up somewhere in the house. Having these memoires up will bring some fun times back to memory and make your house feel homier.

The next idea would be to try putting some greenery around the house. Find some plants you like and put it somewhere in your home. Can’t keep a plant alive? Don’t worry that’s why someone decided to make fake plants so those of us who don’t have a green thumb could have some green in our home.

Thirdly, cushions. Add cushions around the house. Add them to your bed pile them high. Having cushions can help improve the look of your room and make you feel at home. You can also add cushions to your couch this will help make the living room feel a little more comfortable. You can add a throw blanket too. It can also just add a little color to the room. 

  Fourth, Add some color! Add a new rug or put some flowers in a vase. Having some color added to the house will help give it a little more spunk which will help it feel more comfortable and fun.

Lastly, make some memories! Have some friends over for a dinner or movie night. Making memories in the house will help turn it into a home. Having some memories in the house will help you have good feelings and memories to look back on.

We hope these tips help you make your house into a home!

Posted by: Jill on August 31, 2018
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