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Home Owners

We have wonderful homeowners. It is our relationships with them that make it possible to meet the needs of our tenants. Owners hire us to take care of their property for them. When it seems to tenants that we are being difficult, we remind tenants that it’s our job to protect an owner’s investment. Insisting that yards are properly cared for, appliances are kept clean and in good repair, matters because homeowners are depending on us caring for their investment.

Tenants need to understand that we do our best to get things repaired quickly but sometimes repairs take a little longer than anyone would like. For instance, at the beginning of summer, air conditioners may malfunction and need attention. This is the AC repair industry’s busiest part of the year. They get backed up even though they work very long hours. Tenant’s patience is much appreciated when this happens.

Thank you to both owners and tenants. It is a pleasure to serve all of you!

Posted by: Bryan Wilson on July 26, 2016
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