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Get your property ready for Spring!

Preparing your property for spring is very important. Even though the tasks can be dreadful they help keep your property in good condition.

Outside! Walk around outside checking for any damages that could have been caused by winter’s cold. Look for sagging or loose gutters, window frames, or siding; missing shingles; or water damage. Clean out your gutters! Debris, leaves, and mud may have accumulated, causing clogging or damage. Clear away fallen leaves and branches. Prune your shrubs and trees. Test you sprinkle system make sure it is all good so your yard can look good.

Remember the backyard! Don’t forget the backyard it is just as important as the front. If you have a deck, condition it; hammer loose nails, replace broken boards or rails, power wash it, and apply an all-weather sealer or stain to keep it in good condition. Wash your windows, the screens and the windowsills. It’ll help make your house look pretty.

Inside! Remember to check the inside of your house. Make a list of things that need to be done in every room dusting, mopping, swiping, vacuuming, and polishing etc. Check your AC! Make sure to check your AC before it gets too hot. Its better to make sure it works now then when it is actually hot. Look for the clutter and de-clutter it. Maybe even hold a garage sale or donate it. Marie Kondo your home. Check all batteries in your smoke detectors and thermostats.

All these things will help you make your home in perfect condition for spring! Remembering to do this every spring will  keep your property in good condition. It also enhances the attractiveness and quality of your home.

Happy Spring!

Posted by: Jill on March 28, 2019
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