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Brighten Up Your Home!

Spring here! Sort of! Southern Utah is Southern Utah and the weather  does what it wants so spring weather is coming and going at the moment. But it is near! To help bring the spring mood into your home here are some tips!

  1. Add some color! Whether its basic pastels or bright neon colors, adding a little bit of color will help your home become a bright, fun place. Adding color can bring a little more dimension to the home and help make it seem less gloomy which is what spring is all about!
  2. Pillow talk! Add throw pillows to your couch or add some on your bed. Adding colorful or decorative pillows can bring in something enjoyable, fun, and different.
  3. Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! You can use real ones or fake ones but bringing in flowers will help brighten up the home and make it feel more like spring! Because flowers equals spring!

These may seem like very simple things to do but even the simple act of adding a colorful pillow to your couch will help brighten up you home. Hopefully these tips will help you brighten up your home and make it feel like spring in this crazy southern Utah weather!

Happy Spring!

Posted by: Jill on March 22, 2019
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