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Service Animals in Utah Housing

Hoping this information will answer some of your questions regarding Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals.

Utah’s disability rights act prohibits housing discrimination against those with disabilities, including those who use service dogs. Landlords may charge those with service dogs a security deposit for damage or wear and tear on the property, but only if the landlord charges a similar deposit for others.

The federal Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing accommodations against those who use service animals. You must be allowed full and equal access to all housing facilities, and may not be charged extra for having a service animal (although you may have to pay for damage your animal causes). If your lease or rental agreement includes a “no pets” provision, it does not apply to your service animal.

Pursuant to the federal Fair Housing Act, housing facilities must allow service dogs and emotional support animals, if necessary for a person with a disability to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the home. To fall under this provision, you must have a disability and you must have a disability-related need for the animal. In other words, the animal must work, perform tasks or services, or alleviate the emotional effects of your disability in order to qualify. (For more information, see the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s guidance on service animals.)


Happy Father’s Day this weekend to all you fathers out there! We hope you have a great father’s day!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

We thank those men and woman who gave their lives for our country.

We also want to thank all those families who have made sacrifices for our country.

We hope that you have a good and safe memorial day weekend!

Make your garage disposal smell great!

If you notice a lingering funk coming from your garbage disposal, it’s probably time to give it a cleaning. Weekly cleaning can keep the garbage disposal clean and free of smells. Take necessary precautions to prevent the disposal being turned on accidentally while you clean it.

The rubber baffle at the drain opening can be scrubbed with soap and abrasive side of a sponge. Makes sure to get all the fold and creases.

You can pour little dish soup as it’s running to clean and deodorize the area, but some people prefer baking soda and vinegar, lemons, or ice.

Pour 1/2 cut of baking soda into disposal, then carefully pour 1/2 cup of vinegar into the disposal. It will fizz up and use the sink stopper to trap the fizz. After a few minutes, remove the stopper and flush the disposal with hot water while running the garbage disposal.

Once this step has been completed, you can add the lemon peals to give it a fresh citrus smell.

Again, please make sure to take all precautions when cleaning your garbage disposal.


Ways To Improve Credit Score

A good credit score is key to renting a home and buying a home. If your score is less then, here are a few tips to better improve your credit score.

  1. Watch those credit card balances.
    1. Pay down your balances, and keep those balances low.
    2. Consolidating multiple cards balances with a personal loan could help your score.
  2. Eliminate credit card balances
    1. Gather up all those cred cards with small balances and pay them off.
    2. Then select one or two go-to cards that you can use for everything.
  3. Leave old debt and good accounts on as long as possible. This is also a good reason not to close old account where you’ve had a solid repayment record.
  4. Pay bills on time

Improving your credit score won’t happen over night.

Hopefully these few steps can help you get on the path to better credit.

How Are We Doing?

Want to tell us how we’re doing? Google review us!

Simply click on the image below and tell us how we’re doing! An internet search is the most popular way potential tenants find us and we know that tenant feedback is the best way for us to grow and improve. Not every property management company invites feedback but we’re not like any other property management company. So tell us how we’re doing!

St. George Streetfest!

Every first Friday of the month until October St George has a Streetfest aka St. George Streetfest! Local arts, bands, vendors, and food, super fun activities and entertainment for everyone of any age! It starts at 6 pm and goes until Midnight! Come enjoy the fun and food! It’s located in the heart of Downtown St. George! On Tabernacle Street and Green Gate Village!

For more info check out there website:

Get your property ready for Spring!

Preparing your property for spring is very important. Even though the tasks can be dreadful they help keep your property in good condition.

Outside! Walk around outside checking for any damages that could have been caused by winter’s cold. Look for sagging or loose gutters, window frames, or siding; missing shingles; or water damage. Clean out your gutters! Debris, leaves, and mud may have accumulated, causing clogging or damage. Clear away fallen leaves and branches. Prune your shrubs and trees. Test you sprinkle system make sure it is all good so your yard can look good.

Remember the backyard! Don’t forget the backyard it is just as important as the front. If you have a deck, condition it; hammer loose nails, replace broken boards or rails, power wash it, and apply an all-weather sealer or stain to keep it in good condition. Wash your windows, the screens and the windowsills. It’ll help make your house look pretty.

Inside! Remember to check the inside of your house. Make a list of things that need to be done in every room dusting, mopping, swiping, vacuuming, and polishing etc. Check your AC! Make sure to check your AC before it gets too hot. Its better to make sure it works now then when it is actually hot. Look for the clutter and de-clutter it. Maybe even hold a garage sale or donate it. Marie Kondo your home. Check all batteries in your smoke detectors and thermostats.

All these things will help you make your home in perfect condition for spring! Remembering to do this every spring will  keep your property in good condition. It also enhances the attractiveness and quality of your home.

Happy Spring!

Brighten Up Your Home!

Spring here! Sort of! Southern Utah is Southern Utah and the weather  does what it wants so spring weather is coming and going at the moment. But it is near! To help bring the spring mood into your home here are some tips!

  1. Add some color! Whether its basic pastels or bright neon colors, adding a little bit of color will help your home become a bright, fun place. Adding color can bring a little more dimension to the home and help make it seem less gloomy which is what spring is all about!
  2. Pillow talk! Add throw pillows to your couch or add some on your bed. Adding colorful or decorative pillows can bring in something enjoyable, fun, and different.
  3. Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! You can use real ones or fake ones but bringing in flowers will help brighten up the home and make it feel more like spring! Because flowers equals spring!

These may seem like very simple things to do but even the simple act of adding a colorful pillow to your couch will help brighten up you home. Hopefully these tips will help you brighten up your home and make it feel like spring in this crazy southern Utah weather!

Happy Spring!

SPRING Cleaning!

The weather will soon be getting warmer. Before it gets too warm a good thing to do is spring cleaning! Not the most exciting thing to do. As Southern Utah tends to get super hot doing spring cleaner when it’s a little cooler but not too cold is the best time. If you are anything like me I dislike spring cleaning but it needs to be done! Here are a few tips to help you make spring cleaning a little bit easier and maybe even fun!

  1. Make a schedule! Start with making a list of things that need to get done and what needs to go first and what can go last. Now everything doesn’t need to be done in one day. That makes its stressful! Plan out a couple days to do the spring cleaning. They don’t need to be all in a row. They can be a few Saturdays or Fridays of a month. Plan out what days you want to do what room or what specific cleaning you would like to do.
  2. De-clutter! Organize! Organize! Organize! This is the way of spring cleaning. Organizing your office, closet, junk drawer, etc. will help make your house start off clean and looking better! When de-clutter it takes away stresses that you may not even know are there.
  3. From Top to Bottom! Start with the top work to the bottom. Start with things above, dusting fans, dusting blinds and other things like that. Then work your way to things below like vacuuming and sweeping and mopping.
  4. Run an empty load! It’s always good to every once in a while run your dishwasher empty. Let it clean itself!
  5. Vinegar is you friend! Vinegar is one of the best things you can use to clean. Clean the walls, the microwave, the counter tops! Be sure to mix it with water to help when cleaning large areas!
  6. Clean your cleaning tools! Clean out that vacuum. Clean the mop. Clean the duster. It doesn’t help spring cleaning if the tools you are using aren’t clean so be sure to make them clean!
  7. Put on some tunes! When cleaning put on some of your favorite music! Jam out and get to work!

Hopeful this helps you with your spring cleaning and makes it a little less boring. Good luck and happy cleaning!

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