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Organizing your closet!

Looking to revamp your closet? Or it’s a mess and you need to make it better and easier to use? Today we have tips that will help your organize your closet.

First things first, do you have clothes that you have not worn in a year? Well get rid of them. The best first step to organizing your closet is to pare down your clothes, making sure that you are only keeping clothes that you do wear and use. Paring down your clothes and getting rid of those clothes will give you more space in your closet and help make it look just a little less messy.

If you cannot figure out what clothes you do and don’t not use, turn the hangers. Turn the hangers so they are backwards and then once you have used the item of clothing put it back the normal way. After a while you’ll see what clothes you do wear and clothes that you do not. This will help you decided quicker which clothes are important to your style and which you do not use that much or at all.

The next thing you could do is put shelves. Buy a bookshelf whether it is big or small and add it into the closet. This will give space for clothes that do not need to be hung up or even just some shoes or extra things that you keep in the closet. Having these shelves will keep stuff from cluttering the floor of the closet and make it more spacious or at least look more spacious.

The last tip for today is to stagger your shoes. If you put the shoes the same direction as its pair it takes up space. If you stagger the shoes it will help make more room. It keeps the shoes closer together which makes it so you can fit more shoes or more of something else. It gives more space to closets that do not have much and closet that do.

Hopefully these tips will help get your closet organized and looking pretty! Good luck and happy organizing!

Organizing your kitchen pantry!

Feel like your kitchen pantry is a little cluttered? Well here are a couple of ideas that may help you declutter your kitchen pantry.

One idea that could help your pantry look a little nicer is to buy jars to put ingredients in. Instead of having the different assortments of cereal boxes, flour bags, sugar bags, and candy bags, you could have cute labeled jars of different foods. Having the same type of jar with different items in them will look better than having different colored and sized boxes whose colors don’t really match. Getting jars that match each other whether they are a certain color or clear will help give a more organized and sophisticated look to your pantry.

One thing to add to the first idea is using baskets. Some products can’t really be taken out of their original packaging and put into jars. If this happens find some baskets that look similar to the jars or just match the jars. They don’t have to be the same brand as long as they match each other. Having all the products put into jars or baskets will help give the pantry one unique or a few unique colors and that makes the pantry look 10 times better than having a bunch of random unorganized colors.

Remember to label everything! If you don’t label everything it will be hard to find the ingredients you need. Especially with the jars of food. You don’t want to accidentally use salt when you need sugar!

Hopefully these ideas will help you organize your kitchen pantry a little more. Have a fun time organizing!

Making a house a home!

Is your rental not feeling homey enough for you? Well here are some tips to help you make your house a home!

The first idea that will help make your house a home would be to put up pictures of your family and friends. Have a picture of your favorite vacation with your family? Then get a frame, print off the picture and put it up somewhere in the house. Having these memoires up will bring some fun times back to memory and make your house feel homier.

The next idea would be to try putting some greenery around the house. Find some plants you like and put it somewhere in your home. Can’t keep a plant alive? Don’t worry that’s why someone decided to make fake plants so those of us who don’t have a green thumb could have some green in our home.

Thirdly, cushions. Add cushions around the house. Add them to your bed pile them high. Having cushions can help improve the look of your room and make you feel at home. You can also add cushions to your couch this will help make the living room feel a little more comfortable. You can add a throw blanket too. It can also just add a little color to the room. 

  Fourth, Add some color! Add a new rug or put some flowers in a vase. Having some color added to the house will help give it a little more spunk which will help it feel more comfortable and fun.

Lastly, make some memories! Have some friends over for a dinner or movie night. Making memories in the house will help turn it into a home. Having some memories in the house will help you have good feelings and memories to look back on.

We hope these tips help you make your house into a home!

Restaurants to visit in St. George!

Looking for a new place to go out and eat? Well here are some ideas of places here in St. George area that could give you a new and exciting place to eat.

  • Sakura Sushi, Japanese Steakhouse – offers authentic Japanese food including Sushi and Hibachi.
  • Benja Thai & Sushi – offers anything from sushi to Thai Curry.
  • Honolulu Grill – offers everything from Hawaiian Sun Fruit drinks to a variety of Marinated BBQ meats.
  • The Habit Burger Grill – offers burgers and all things delicious!
  • Mad Pita Express – offers Greek & Mediterranean food!
  • Riggatti’s Wood Fired Pizza – offers hand tossed, artisan, wood-fired pizza!

From Thai curry to a good old fashion burger hopefully these restaurants will give you a new and exciting place to try and explore new foods!

Tips to Avoid Hot-Water Burns!

It only takes a second for a small child to turn on the hot water and get burned. Here are some tips to help prevent hot-water burns:

  • Set your water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will help prevent accidental scalding and conserve energy;
  • Don’t leave children alone when using hot water in the  sink or bathtub;
  • Fill bathtubs with cold water first, then add hot water;
  • Check the water temperature with a wrist or elbow; and
  • Mix the water to make sure there are no hot spots.

Following these tips will help you and your kids avoid getting hot water burns.

Back to School Tips!

That time has come! Whether you have kids who are going back to school or you are going back to school the time has come to get all the supplies and schedules worked out for the new school year.

For both parents and college students one quick tip that will help you get out the door quicker, is set multiple alarms. For parents, this is a good idea for those kids who don’t want to wake up the first time. It will help you and your kids remember to get them up or get up. For college students, it will help you know exactly how much time you have until you absolutely have to get up.

For both parents and students, plan ahead! Planning ahead not only helps keep you organized and ready for the school year but it also helps you know exactly what is coming up and what things are more important. Having a planner is a great idea but you must use it! It will help you keep track of when things are due and what is coming up. Another thing is to have a calendar up somewhere so you can have a quick glance at the week/month that is coming.

Hopefully this tips will help! Good luck with the new school year!

Events in August!

Need something to do this August? Well they are many different events that happen in St. George and Washington City. If you ever need something to do just check out St. George and Washington City’s event pages to find something fun and unique to do!

Also something fun that happens every first Friday is the St. George Street fest!  Located in Historic Downtown St. George! 6pm-10pm! Enjoy live music, including indie rock on the Main Stage, fine art, and food trucks. It’s a fun night out with the family!

We hope this gives you some ideas of different events in the community you can attend!


3 Tips to improve your bathroom!

1. Do you seem to spend too much time getting ready in the bathroom? Are you always running late? Well here is quick tip for you! A good thing that helps you stay on time is putting a clock in the bathroom. Yes we do have our phones and that helps but having a clock that you can quickly glance at without having to press a button is much easier. Not only will this help you stay on time but it will help make your bathroom a little nicer. A clock is always a nice item to add to you décor.

2. Want to get rid of those boxes and bags that Q-tips and cotton balls come here? Think about heading to the dollar store and get some nice glass jars to hold them in. Not only is this cheap but it will also make your bathroom look and feel cleaner and look nicer.

3.  The final tip of the day is to remember to organize your drawers! Need help with that? Think about buying some small boxes or basket from the dollar store. Getting these boxes and organizing each box to have a different idea will help keep the drawers looking nicer and help you stay more organized.

Hopefully these tips will help improve and organize your bathroom! Good luck and happy organizing!

24th of July Celebration!

Do you need something to do on the 24th of July? Well the city of St. George is having a pioneer celebration! They will be sharing the story of the pioneer legacy and having a firework show! This will be something everyone can enjoy! Something even better? It’s free!

The Pioneer Legacy & Firework Celebration

 **FREE Admission**


               More than 100 talented youth dressed up in raccoon hats & bonnets as well as the Native Americans… bring Merrill Osmond’s Youth Pioneer Production to life. Nathan Osmond & Sam Payne will emcee, as well as provide pre-show entertainment, along with other surprises & fun entertainment. The gift of hearing will be provided to two local deaf individuals. Come and enjoy good, clean, fun entertainment for the whole family!

 When: Tuesday July 24, 2018

Gates open: 6:30 p.m.

Pre-Show: 8:30 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.

Merrill Osmond’s Pioneer Legacy & Firework Celebration 9:20 p.m. – 10:15 p.m.

Firework Spectacular: 10:15 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

WHERE:   Dixie State University’s Trailblazer Stadium

501-551 South 700 East, St. George, UT 84770

**For more information, contact Justin Osmond at 801-718-8437 or visit

Garbage Disposal Smelling Funky?

If you notice a lingering funk coming from your garbage disposal, it’s probably time to give it a cleaning. Weekly cleaning can keep the garbage disposal clean and free of smells. Take necessary precautions to prevent the disposal being turned on accidentally while you clean it.

The rubber baffle at the drain opening can be scrubbed with soap and abrasive side of a sponge. Makes sure to get all the fold and creases.

You can pour little dish soup as it’s running to clean and deodorize the area, but some people prefer baking soda and vinegar, lemons, or ice.

Pour 1/2 cut of baking soda into disposal, then carefully pour 1/2 cup of vinegar into the disposal. It will fizz up and use the sink stopper to trap the fizz. After a few minutes, remove the stopper and flush the disposal with hot water while running the garbage disposal.

Once this step has been completed, you can add the lemon peals to give it a fresh citrus smell.

Again, please make sure to take all precautions when cleaning your garbage disposal.




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