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3 Tips to improve your bathroom!

1. Do you seem to spend too much time getting ready in the bathroom? Are you always running late? Well here is quick tip for you! A good thing that helps you stay on time is putting a clock in the bathroom. Yes we do have our phones and that helps but having a clock that you can quickly glance at without having to press a button is much easier. Not only will this help you stay on time but it will help make your bathroom a little nicer. A clock is always a nice item to add to you décor.

2. Want to get rid of those boxes and bags that Q-tips and cotton balls come here? Think about heading to the dollar store and get some nice glass jars to hold them in. Not only is this cheap but it will also make your bathroom look and feel cleaner and look nicer.

3.  The final tip of the day is to remember to organize your drawers! Need help with that? Think about buying some small boxes or basket from the dollar store. Getting these boxes and organizing each box to have a different idea will help keep the drawers looking nicer and help you stay more organized.

Hopefully these tips will help improve and organize your bathroom! Good luck and happy organizing!

Posted by: Jill on July 27, 2018
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