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Saving Energy This Winter

Whether you’re hoping to ease your impact on the planet or just want to save a few dollars, reducing your energy use can help you get there. Heating and cooling your home/apartment can be among the more expensive components of your utility bill. Making some easy adjustments in your home with these tips can reduce how much you spend on energy.

  •  Use the sun for free heat. That bright orb in the sky should be the focus of temperature control in your residence throughout the year. Open the curtains on your south-facing windows during winter days to bring free heat into your home. Close your window coverings when the sun goes down to keep the heat inside.
  • Bundle up with warm accessories. This is one of the easiest ways to save on your heating bill. Instead of turning the heat up, put on a cozy winter sweater and warm socks. Keep throw blankets on your couch, and add an area rug to insulate the floor.
  • Adjust the thermostat at night. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save about 10 percent per year on your heating bills by turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours. Consider investing in flannel sheets and a warm comforter for your bed and keeping your apartment cooler when you sleep.
  • Decorate with LED lights for the holidays. Buy new LED holiday lights, which use at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than older, incandescent lighting. In addition to consuming less energy, LED lights don’t emit as much heat and are more resistant to breakage, making them a safer alternative. Bonus tip: Always unplug your holiday lights before going to bed or leaving the house. As with all appliances and electronics, your holiday lights will continue to draw power even when not in use, which adds unnecessary expense to utility bills.

We hope these tips will help this winter season and thank you for stopping by!


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Here at Utah First Property Management, we strive to give the best service.

  1. WE STRIVE daily to improve the services we provide to you.
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December Festive Events

With the holiday season upon us, we can all get a bit lost in the hussel and bustle it can bring. We all have to remember to take a break and enjoy what St. George’s holiday season has to offer us.

Christmas In The Canyon– Tuacahn’s Christmas In The Canyon is presented every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening There is no admission charge to visit Tuacahn and enjoy Christmas in the Canyon.

Dicken’s Christmas Festival: You are invited to the 2017 The Dickens’ Christmas Festival. This year’s re-enactment of 19th Century London will take place in the beautiful Dixie Convention Center in St. George, Utah.

The Messiah” : Community Sing in of Handel’s Messiah with Timpanogos Valley Orchestra and Chorus December 9th & 10th at 7:00 pm.

Hopefully you will have a chance to enjoy one of these events, if not all, with your family this holiday season.

Giving Thanks

 We have so many things to be grateful for, and you happen to top the list.
May this message find you in good health and bring you great happiness today and for the entire holiday season.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving from
Utah First Property Management.
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Closure Dates:

Closed on November 22nd-24th for Thanksgiving.

Closed on December 22nd-26th for Christmas.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

To Celeste for being our November Gift Card winner!!

Each month, if you pay rent online by 5:00 pm on the 1st of the month, you will be entered to win a gift card.


Office Closure Dates
Closed November 22-24 for Thanksgiving.
Closed Dec. 22-26 for Christmas.

Cooler Weather

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In November we will definitely see cooler weather. It tends to come slower her in Southern Utah, as it sometimes happens. Because of this, we encourage our tenants to be aware of their responsibility to keep the furnace/air filters clean, to keep the yards clear of leaves and other debris, all hoses are disconnected from outside faucets and that those outside faucets are covered to prevent freezing and to ensure that windows are in good working order.

Everyone benefits when simple steps are taken to ensure that the property where you live is prepared for winter.

Dixie Cove Student Housing

Are you a student and find yourself needing housing by campus? Well we’ve got a place for you at

DIXIE COVE Student Housing!!


  • High Speed Internet

  • Swimming Pool

  • Sun Deck

  • Furnished Common Area

  • Utilities Included

  • Cable T.V.

What more could you ask for!!

Give our office a call for further details,



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Thank you!

Veterans Day

Let’s not forget Veterans Day is Nov. 11th

This is the time for everyone to honor those who have sacrificed to provide freedom for our nation, to those veterans who have lost their lives while serving our country and to those who are currently serving in the military. Thank you for your sacrifice.

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1.    WE STRIVE daily to improve the services we provide to you.

2.    WE WILL always do our best to make sure to help you when you need us.

3.    WE VALUE the opportunity we have to SERVE as your property manager

4.    WE THANK YOU for choosing to rent from Utah First Property Management.

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Making Your House A Home

Although this is now your home, it is still not your property. What is very important is that you do not alter your residence permanently or physically without permission. Find other ways you can make changes without altering the property.

Use Area Rugs
Consider buying an area rug that will produce the look that you like and lessen the existing color scheme. Just make sure that the underside of the carpet will not damage the existing flooring – you may need to use an appropriate carpet pad. Also, ensure that the area rug will not cause someone a possible injury by sliding, slipping, or rolling.

Use Mirrors
Perhaps the room looks small; strategically hanging mirrors can make a room seem larger. Use them to reflect an interesting object or plant. If you have a heavy mirror (or any object), check with your property manager on what is the proper method to hang it without causing damage.

Use Plants
Plants are not only a great way to add color and decoration, but can improve your health because they improve air quality. Make sure they have the right light, are watered regularly, and sit in waterproof containers that do not leak onto flooring or furniture.

Your residence does not have to look like a “rental.” With some time, thought, and a few dollars, you can give a house “your personal look” and make it your home.

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