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New Location

We are in our new offices and we couldn’t be happier!

Come visit us at 1240 E. 100 S. #5


We’re Moving

One of the things for which we are most grateful is our wonderful tenants and owners. As a result of their trust in us, we are moving to a larger space.

Beginning December 5, 2016, we will be located in Troon Park, 1240 E. 100 S. #5, behind Fabulous Freddie’s and Applebee’s. Our phone number and staff will be the same.



We look forward to giving you the same great service we have always offered from our larger, new space!

Eliminating Stress When Moving


Moving is always stressful. There’s a lot of work to do and it takes organization to get it all done.
To help tenants who give us their 30 days notice, we email them a Move Out Cleaning Checklist.

By simply following the checklist, doing the tasks and checking them off, tenants find the cleaning much easier.It helps them to focus and be organized, eliminating one item that can cause a lot of stress.

By leaving a place clean, the odds of getting all of the refundable deposit back are increased dramatically and eliminates one of the biggest stresses of all–money.

November Gift Card Winner

Each month we reward our great tenants with a gift card drawing. Our winner for November is Alissa Urzi. Congratulations Alissa and thanks for being a great tenant!

Every tenant who pays rent by 5:00 pm on the 3rd of the month is entered to win. Thank you to all of you who pay promptly.


Making a rental look and feel like home can be a challenge. This time of year, when we are decorating our homes for the holidays, there are several ways to decorate without damaging walls.

Have a picture you love but it’s heavy and will harm the walls? Lean it against the wall or take a picture of it, crop it to make it smaller, frame the photo and hang. When you move to a more permanent home, you can hang the larger version.

Use Command Strips or other type of easily removed picture hangers to create a collage or family picture wall.
There are several youtube videos to show you how to do this and it takes only a minute or two.
There is no reason to hesitate to decorate your home in a way you like. Just think it through and use solutions that won’t cause harm to the property and won’t cause you to lose deposit money.


Preparing for Cooler Weather


As sometimes happens in Southern Utah, the cooler weather is slow in coming.

However, in November, we will see cooler temperatures. As a result, we encourage tenants to be aware of their responsibility to keep the furnace air filters clean, to keep the yards clear of leaves and other debris, all hoses are disconnected from outside faucets and that those outside faucets are covered (see below for an inexpensive and easy-to-install cover) to prevent freezing and to ensure that windows are in good working order.

Everyone benefits when simple steps are taken to ensure that the property where you live is prepared for winter.


Halloween Tips

Image result for free images kids trick or treat

Everyone wants kids to enjoy Halloween trick or treating. Here are some tips for being safe on the big night:

Don’t let kids go out alone. Be sure a trustworthy adult is with them. This is especially important to ensure that kids are safe crossing streets. Having an adult with them helps them to stay safe while crossing.

Even if in a group, let someone know in which neighborhoods you’ll be trick or treating.

Keep a cell phone with you as you’re out with the kids.

Take a look at the kids’ candy when they get home to ensure it’s properly packaged.

Prepare for tired little ones by using a wagon to carry them.

Have a good time and stay safe!

Auto Bill Pay


We’ve noticed recently that tenants  who pay their rent by check in the mail, are having their checks arrive late. They get annoyed when we call on the 6th of the month to let them know that they are late. We are also finding that tenants who use our online rent payment option or their own bank’s online bill pay option, are never late.

As a result, starting January 1, 2017, we are requiring all our tenants to take advantage of this convenient service. In our system, all tenants need to do is enter their checking account and routing numbers into their tenant portal and there is no fee. If a tenant chooses to use a credit or debit card, there is a fee. Either way, the convenience of paying on line ensures that tenants are always current and never late with the rent. Not only is there no stress each month, tenants who need a good reference, will always be reported as being on time with the rent.


Help with Furnace Filters

We write a lot about furnace filters because it’s an important responsibility for tenants to understand. Changing out filters regularly eliminates 90% of the maintenance issues that may occur. You don’t want to be financially responsible for a major repair or replacement when a simple furnace filter change would have prevented the problem.

However, we understand that in a few homes, the air intake, where the filter goes, is too high for some tenants to reach, even with a ladder. In these cases, find a neighbor, friend, family member or church associate to change the filter. As a last resort, we will do it for you but we will need to charge a fee for our time. Much better to get to know your neighbors and have one of them do it for you.

Man Replacing Ceiling A/C Filter


We have great tenants and as a little reward, we hold a drawing for all tenants who pay their rent by 5:00 pm on the 3rd of the month. Brady Tapp is the winner of the drawing for October!

Thanks to all our great tenants and see you next month!


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